cooL Gaming CS:GO strikes again!

Sun 24th Apr 2016 - 11:56pm : Gaming

Another Sunday, another win. The boys from our CS:GO team have managed to win Go4CS:GO Europe Cup #196, winning twice in a row and another 100 EUR and 100 points in the April standings. Thus they are already qualified for the April Finals with 200 points and sitting on top of the standings.



For more than 3 years, Go4CS:GO Europe has been providing teams of all abilities the opportunity to compete against some of the best and up-and-coming teams. Featuring one cup each Sunday with the chance to win prize money and qualify for the monthly finals, many of the world's best and up-and-coming players have played Go4CS:GO Europe.

  • 1 cup each Sunday
  • Monthly Finals with €500 prize money (winner takes it all)
  • Sundays: €100 prize money (winner takes it all) & Go4CS:GO points


Mihai Horga

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