Results from PGL 1st Division for League of Legends

Wed 20th Jul 2016 - 9:53am : Gaming

cooL Gaming was represented in the PGL 1st Division for League of Legends in Group A, alongside Nexus, neXtPlease! and Red Bonanza. In the first match against Nexus, our team lost in a BO1, being moved to the loser's bracket. There they met Red Bonanza, last year's finalists and they managed to win against them with a score of 2-1 and had a chance to fight for the 2nd spot in the semifinal from Group A against Nexus again (who lost against neXtPlease!). Sadly, Nexus won once again with a score of 2-0 (in a BO3) and so cooL Gaming has not qualified for the Playoff's. We thank our players for their efforts. Stay cooL!


Top: Olar -jkone11- Mihai Tudor
Jungle: Stefanov -CaddyHoN- Valentin
Mid: Betea -BEEKILLER- Ronaldo
ADC: Oloi -xDeathArrow- Liviu
Support: Vîrlan -Antiyou- Costin Andrei
Substitute: Calma -Pit─âr- Petru



Mihai Horga

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